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About UCG Inc.
UCG Inc is a USA Software and Cyber Company. See management for
the UCG dream team. Its products are in two market segments
a) Today's best Products for mass consumer marketing and appeal
b) Specialized next generation solutions for Industry.
It acquired 100% of RNA Israel Ltd a industry leader in cyber 360 with
over 1.5 million NIS sales per year and products that will be ready to
launch in 2018 and 2019 . Its customers that are buying and or have
reserved future products . Include Bank/financial companies,
Utility companies Government Institutions and General Industry .

Our products
MYWHEN - Web Builder
B.I.Y Build It Yourself Website Builder .Create easily your website with mywhen.com. Our Web Builder includes A array of templates and suite of unique non restricted building options and hosting. Our initial price including hosting will be $2.99. Some of the unique features are: Full API, Full developers API with freedom to create your own design development and features, Affiliate system, Build your site as native in Android and IOS App and connect through www.hurryap.com, Ecommerce solutions.
see: www.mywhen.com
HURRYAP -Simple App Builder
Smart mobile app creator. Zero technical knowledge required. iOS, Android and WebAPP created in easy steps www.hurryapp.com run your business or personal social with a simple APP friendly to communicate and use.
SECURE APP-Secure Private Calls .
Secure app is a secure communications application for Android & iOS devices. Most communication is Peer to Peer, with the SIP server hosted on your own premises, making it one of the most secure products available.
Sip Security - Call Security - Chat Security This a product for the mass World Market ; product launch early 2018
CYBER 360 security product .
No details will be provided till product launch early 2019.
Firewall & Antivirus
Our Personal Firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls the network traffic based on ... Includes Firewall, Antivirus and more! Get Now
Career benefits
Work with great team
Respectable salary and meaningful equity
Flexible system of holidays and mode of working
Healthcare benefits and wellness programs
Fully stocked kitchen, daily meals and weekly happy hours
Modern and comfortable office at city centre.
"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it."
Bill Gates
"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it."
Bill Gates
Our team
Uri Tadelis President
Uri Tadelis brings to UCG over 25 years of diverse experience in finances, banking and Real estate investments. Founder of several companies, Uri has also innovated unique commercial software for FX trading, and provided liquidity for top financial institutions. Mr. Tadelis have been involved for the past 5 years in international transactions between major banks, hedge funds, institutional, leading major corporations to build their wealth with private, Municipal and government platforms.
Giora Rosenzweig
CEO / Strategic Software and Cyber Security Developer
Has a doctorate in Eastern Medicine .He has degrees in software development DBA and I.T he has 20 years in the industry and worked with Israel Government, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Checkpoint and is the co founder of RNA technology
Chaim J. Lieberman
Director New Business Development
Mr. Lieberman has over 20 years experience in the Banking Sector including with the Chase Manhattan team He is also an innovator of green energy systems and plant pharmaceuticals. Chaim holds several patents in alternative energy and pharmaceuticals, including the first whole plant IND from the FDA.he has worked with Baxter and other industry leaders
    Gaya Rosenzweig
    Manager Software to Market
    BA in Business Management & Information Systems. She has worked at ITGlobal Ltd, Shortcut Ltd, Tomagi Ltd. She headed the sales and marketing of a start up with 27 person team that worked with Goverment offices Banks, Insurance Companies and SMBL and founder of RNA Ltd .
    Regis Nebor
    Manager of Software Development
    Regis Nebor has a IT Background in automation in the financial world.
    Mr. Nebor co-founded Forex companies .
    Mr. Nebor has consulted for Majestic Research Corp., Popcast Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Mediacode Inc.

    Regis Nebor holds a Master Degree in Computer Science Engineering from University Rennes I in France.
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